Terms of Service

1. Range of Privacy

1.1 Personal registration information provided at the request of Coinsregions when the user registers an account of Coinsregions or an account for payment, including but not limited to the information of identity card;
1.2 Server data on The user’s browser automatically received and recorded by Coinsregions when The user uses the service of Coinsregions or accesses to Coinsregions, including but not limited to the IP address and the web page record demanded by The user;
1.3 Relevant data collected by Coinsregions when user trades on Coinsregions, including but not limited to the record of offering price, purchase, etc.
1.4 Other users’ personal information legally acquired by Coinsregions.

2. Use of Information

2.1 Unless given with the user’s consent in advance, Coinsregions will not sell or lend any user’s personal information to anyone. Neither will Coinsregions allow any third party to collect, edit, sell, or spread for free the user’s personal information.
2.2 All user’s identity data and transactions information will be kept confidential by Coinsregions and will not be disclosed to any organizations or persons, unless the law stipulates otherwise.

Applying Range

1.Thank you for choosing Coinsregions.com (“Coinsregions”). The following terms and conditions of service (these “Terms of Service”) apply to all customers of Coinsregions. You should read these Terms of Service carefully. By clicking the “I agree” or “Agree” button, registering and using any of the services, functions, or features offered from time to time on Coinsregions (collectively or individually, the “Services”), the customer (referred to herein as “you”, “your” or “user”) agrees with these Terms of Service.

2.All the users should read the Terms of service carefully as well as the statements and rules of operation published by Coinsregions. By clicking the registration button, the users are deemed to have read, understood and accepted all the terms of the documents abovementioned, and willing to be bound by the above documents. All the rules, statements and declaration are integral parts of this Terms of services, which shall have the same legal effect with it.

3.The legal relationship formed between the users and the disputes arising from the transactions of crypto-currencies between the users are irrelevant to Coinsregions and the Terms of service.

1.1 Crypto-currencies:refers to block chain-based data flow, or other similar digital representations of rights or assets (including but not limited to bitcoins, Litecoins, etc.)
1.2 Coinsregions.com:refers to the trading platform operated and managed by Kindly Keep Network Technology Limited. The website address is www.Coinsregions.com. Kindly Keep Network Technology Limited provides the online platform for the customers to trade the crypto-currencies. In the Terms of service, Coinsregions refers to the trading platform as well as Kindly Keep Network Technology Limited.
1.3 The user:refers to the registered customer who agrees with the Terms of service, as well as the law and the regulations published and updated from time to time on Coinsregions.
1.4 User Registration:means the user logins Coinsregions, files the relevant information according to the requirements and agrees to perform the Terms of service.
1.5 Transactions of crypto-currencies:means the users’ transactions of the crypto-currencies on Coinsregions.
1.6 Top up amounts:the money/the Crypto-currencies the user deposits into Coinsregions to purchase or sell the Crypto-currencies.
1.7 Fee:refers to the fees the user pays to Coinsregions whenever the transaction has been completed on Coinsregions.
2、User Registration
2.1 Eligibility The user commits: The user of Coinsregions has full capacity for civil conduct. Or not having full capacity, whenever the user clicks the “I agree” or “Agree” button and pass the authentication process, the user is deemed to be eligible, registering and using the services on Coinsregions by statutory guardians or other legal representatives.
2.2 Purpose of Registration
The user commits: By registering and using the services on Coinsregions, the user will not or is not for violating the law or disordering the Crypto-currencies transaction system.
2.3 Procedure of Registration
2.3.1 Once The user logins Coinsregions with email account directly and clicks the agree button to confirm the agreement of the terms of services, it will be deemed to register successfully.
2.3.2 The accurate Identity Card Number is required to pass the authentication process, after which the user can process the transactions of Crypto-currencies.
3、Service for User
Coinsregions provides the online platform for the user to commit the transactions of Crypto-currencies.
3.1 Contents of Services
3.1.1 The user has the right to view the real-time quotes of the Crypto-currencies and the information of transactions and proceed the transactions of Crypto-currencies by submitting the orders to Coinsregions.
3.1.2 The user has the right to view the information of its account of Coinsregions, and proceed relevant operations provided by Coinsregions.
3.1.3 The user has the right to participate in the activities organized by Coinsregions according to the rules published by Coinsregions.
3.2 The Service Rules
The user needs to promise to comply with the following Coinsregions service rules:
3.2.1 To ensure the legitimacy of the source of all funds and Crypto-currencies in the account, the user shall abide by the provisions of the laws, regulations and normative documents and the requirements of policy, and shall not be permitted to work or use Coinsregions service in illegal activities or other activities that damage Coinsregions or the rights and interests of third party and the public interests in Coinsregions, such as sending or receiving any material that is illegal, against the good faith and infringes others' rights and interests, sending or receiving material of Pyramid Scheme or other harmful information or comments, using or faking the email headlines of Coinsregions without authorization, etc.
3.2.2 The user shall abide by the laws and regulations to properly use and keep the "Site" accounts and passwords, funding passwords secretly. The user is fully responsible for the consequences arisen by any operation of the account of the "Site" and passwords, funding passwords or the . Whenever the user is aware of the unauthorized using of the "Site" accounts, passwords, or funding passwords or the verification codes by any third party, or other account security problems, users shall promptly and effectively notify the "Site" to suspend the

4、Rules of Crypto-currencies transactions
The user needs to promise to comply with the following trading rules of Coinsregions in the process of the Crypto-currencies trading with other users when entering into Coinsregions.
4.1 Browsing trading information
When browsing the Crypto-currencies trading information in Coinsregions, the user shall read all the content contained in the transactions carefully, including but not limited to the price, the amount of commission, the fees and the direction of purchasing or selling the Crypto-currencies. The user shall click the button to trade only when he/she accepts all the contents contained in transactions.
4.2 Submitting commission
After browsing and confirming the trading information, the user can submit the trading commission, after which the user is deemed to authorize Coinsregions to matching the deals automatically. The transaction will be matched directly when there are satisfactory transactions with the commissioned price without informing the user in advance.
4.3 Transaction details checking
The user can check the corresponding records and details of the transactions in management center to confirm the transactions.
4.4 Withdraw/modify commission
Before the transaction is completed, the user has the right to withdraw or modify the commission.

5、The User's Rights and Obligations
5.1 The user has the right to accept the service of Coinsregions provided by Coinsregions according to this Terms of service.
5.2 The user has the right to terminate the use of the service of Coinsregions at any time.
5.3 The user has the right to withdraw balance in Coinsregions at any time, including the RMB and the Crypto-currencies, but needs to pay corresponding withdrawal fee to Coinsregions.
5.4 The user is responsible for the authenticity, validity and security of its personal data provided for the registration.
5.5 The user shall not maliciously interfere with the normal transactions and disturb the Crypto-currencies trading order when processing the transactions of Crypto-currencies in Coinsregions.
5.6 The user shall not interfere with the normal operation of Coinsregions or interfere with other users’ using Coinsregions service by any technical methods or in other ways.
5.7 The user shall not request Coinsregions to provide relevant material beyond judicial or administrative ways, in the event of its litigations with other users yielded due to online transactions.
5.8 The user shall not maliciously defame Coinsregions’ goodwill with fictional facts.
5.9 The user shall have the duty and responsibility to safely keep its own accounts and passwords and shall bear its own loss for the leakage of accounts and passwords due to its own cause.
6、Rights and Obligations of Coinsregions
6.1 Coinsregions shall have the right to refuse the user’s registration and shall have the right to cancel its member ID in the event that such user does not have the qualification stipulated by the agreement for registration, shall have the right to claim for damages for the loss suffered by Coinsregions towards the users or their legal representatives. At the same time, Coinsregions preserves the right to determine whether to accept the users’ registration at any other circumstances.
6.2 Coinsregions shall have the right to suspend or terminate the use of the account once having discovered that the actual user is not the initial registered one.
6.3 Coinsregions shall have the right to notify the user to correct and update information or ask for proof, or suspend, terminate the service with Coinsregions, if it is reasonably doubted that the information provided by the user is wrong, inaccurate, invalid or incomplete through the way of detecting technology, artificial sampling, etc.
6.4 Coinsregions shall have the right to correct information if there is any wrong information shown on Coinsregions.
6.5 Coinsregions shall keep the right to modify, suspend or terminate the services of Coinsregions at any time, and shall have the right to modify or suspend the services without notifying users in advance, and the termination shall take effect upon the date of termination notice posted on the website if Coinsregions terminates one or more its service.
6.6 Coinsregions shall take necessary technical means and management measures to guarantee its normal operation, provide necessary and reliable transaction environment and transaction services and maintain the order of the transactions of Crypto-currencies. The user agrees that organizations such as Coinsregions, the third party, associated bank, etc. instantly take all effective measures without users’ specific authorization to correct the trade mistakes, including the query of the transaction records of the user’s ca

7、Special Statement
Within the scope of the law, whatever the circumstance is, Coinsregions shall not assume liability for the following reasons: the maintenance of information network equipment, failure of network connection, computer, communications, other system and power, or strikes, labor disputes, revolts, insurrection, riots, insufficient productivity or productive resources, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, government behavior, the order of judicial administrative authorities, force majeure, the conduct of the third party, or the inability or the delaying of service which the current technology of Coinsregions cannot prevent, and the loss suffered by the user from the circumstances abovementioned.

8、Intellectual property rights
8.1 All the intellectual property rights contained in Coinsregions, including but not limited to site marks, database, website design, text and graphics, software, photos, videos, music, sound and their combinations, intellectual property rights of software compilation, relevant source code and software (including applications and scripts) shall belong to Coinsregions. The user shall not duplicate, change, copy, send or use any material or the content of the foresaid rights for commercial purposes.
8.2 All the rights (including but not limited to reputation, trademarks and logos) contained in the name of Coinsregions belong to the Kindly Keep Network Technology Limited.
8.3 The acceptance of this agreement shall be deemed to transfer all the following copyrights (published in any form of information on Coinsregions by the user) exclusively and gratuitously to Coinsregions, including but not limited to copy rights, distribution rights, rights of rental, exhibition, perform, broadcasting, network transmission, filming, and rights of adaptation, translation, rights of assembly and other rights entitled by the copyright owner. Coinsregions is entitled to bring infringement lawsuit and get full compensation towards any infringers. whether the content is formed before or after agreement is signed.
8.4 Users shall not use or dispose the intellectual property rights of Coinsregions illegally. The user shall not publish or authorize other websites (and media) to use the information published on Coinsregions in any way.

9、Customer service
Coinsregions shall establish the professional customer service team and customer service system to ensure the channels for use’s questions and complaints with timely answer and complaint feedback in aspects of technology, crew and system.

10、Change and termination of agreement
10.1 Change of the agreement: Coinsregions has the right to change the content of the Terms of service or other terms of service and rules of operations published by Coinsregions at any time which will be issued prominently on the website. The change is valid since the day the statement issued. If the user continues to use the service provided by Coinsregions, it shall be deemed to agree with the change. Otherwise the user shall have the right to cancel the account and stop using the service.
10.2 Termination of the agreement
10.2.1 Coinsregions shall have the right to cancel the account of Coinsregions according to the agreement. The agreement shall be terminated on the date of the cancellation of this account.
10.2.2 Coinsregions shall have the right to terminate all the service on according this agreement. The agreement shall be terminated on the date of all service.
10.2.3 After the termination of this agreement, the user shall have no right to require Coinsregions to provide any service or to fulfill any other obligation, including but not limited to require Coinsregions to retain or to disclose any information of the original account to the users, to forward the unread or unsent message to the user or any third party.
10.2.4 The termination of this agreement shall not affect liability of the default party for breaching the agreements.

11、Anti-Money Laundering
11.1 Coinsregions will obey and implement the provisions of the AML, executing the authentication system and saving the users’ identity data and transactions information, as well as the system of reporting high-value and suspicious transactions.
11.2 A copy of identity card should be provided and uploaded when the user registers an account and reports the loss of password for transaction or password for money. Coinsregions will identify the information of identity card provided by the user. Coinsregions has the right to reject registration or erase the accounts registered in the event that Coinsregions has the reasonable doubts that user registers with a false identity.
11.3 By reference to the Measures for the Administration of Financial Institutions' Reporting of High-Value Transactions and Suspicious Transactions, Coinsregions saves the record of high-value transactions and the record of money-laundering-suspected transactions and provides the record of high-value transactions and suspicious transactions to the regulator at the request of the regulator.
11.4 Coinsregions saves the user’s identity information and the record of high-value transactions and suspicious transactions, assists and cooperates with the judicial authorities and the administrative authorities in accordance with the law, and, pursuant to the provisions of the law, assists the judicial authorities, customs, tax department and other authorities in inquiring, freezing and deducting the user’s deposit.

12、Notice of Risk
12.1 There exits high risks in the transactions of Crypto-currencies.
12.1.1 The market of Crypto-currencies is brand new and unacknowledged, and possibly not to increase or decline. At present, Crypto-currencies are mostly and heavily used by speculators, but relatively less used in the sector of retail and commerce. The price of Crypto-currencies is thus easy to fluctuate, and then yields adverse impact towards the investment of Crypto-currencies.
12.1.2 There is no restriction as the price limits mechanism of stock market in the market of Crypto-currencies, while the transaction of Crypto-currencies is open for 24 hours. Due to the relatively low amount of Crypto-currencies, the price will be easily controlled by bankers, with a possibility that it might increase several times within a day, and also a possibility that it might decrease half the original price within a day.
12.2 The user should self-control the risks, assess the investment value and risks of Crypto-currencies, and bear the financial risk of losing all the investment when participating in the tractions of Crypto-currencies.
12.3 In the event that the enactment or revision of the law, regulations and normative documents renders the suspension or the prohibition of the transactions of Crypto-currencies. The user should bear all the financial loss itself.

13、Liability of Breach
13.1 Coinsregions or The user breaching the terms of this Contract constitutes breach of contract. The breaching party should assume liability towards the other party who honors the contract.
13.2 In the event that Coinsregions suffers loss due to the untrue, incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the user, the user undertakes to indemnify any loss suffered by Coinsregions.
13.3 In the event that the user violates the law or breaches the terms hereof, engaging in illegal activities on Coinsregions or exploiting the service of Coinsregions to engage in illegal activities, Coinsregions is entitled to immediately terminate the service offered to the user, erase the user’s account and claim for damages towards the user.
13.4 In the event that the user intrudes the operation of Coinsregions with technical methods or intrudes other users using Coinsregions, Coinsregions is entitled to immediately erase the user’s account and claim for damages towards the user.
13.5 In the event that the user maliciously defames the goodwill of Coinsregions with methods such as falsified truth, the user should make a public apology and indemnify the damage suffered by Coinsregions. Coinsregions is also entitled to terminate the service offered to the user.

14、Dispute Resolution
Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Contract shall be resolved through amicable negotiation. Should the negotiation fail to resolve the dispute, the dispute shall be submitted to Arbitration Commission for arbitration and shall be heard in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of Arbitration Commission.

15、Execution and Interpretation
15.1 This Contract shall be taken into effect when the user clicks accept and completes the procedure of registration, and then becomes legally binding between Coinsregions and the user.
15.2 Coinsregions is entitled to the ultimate interpretation of this Contract.